We also work in the fields of "counsel and project management" and "mines and underground works". Here are some examples of our realisations:

Counsel and project management



 Artère Midi 2

  • Hygiene and security animation. Coordination between the companies


  • Follow-up and pilotage of the companies for the construction of a paint pigments' plant

Le Havre

  • Follow-up and pilotage of the companies for the construction of a flying ashes' workshop


  • Drafting of the purchases procedurs, consulting, choice of the suppliers
  • Creation of the construction reports
  • Drafting of the soldering procedures applied to the construction
  • Setting of the planning


  • Answer to the call for tenders in the field of water treatment


  • Assistance to the receipt of industrial works



  • Drafting of the documents for the call for tenders

Mines and Underground works


 Saint Avold

  • On site study of a coal clearing machine


  • Study of the modernization of coal extraction for a project in Turkey


  • On site study of the extraction installation



  • Industrialization of a coal mine, assistance to the exploitation
  • Training of the local teams


  • Setting of coal extraction
  • Assistance and training of the local teams



  • Study of the modernization and development of a coal extraction site 

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